Monday, 2 January 2017

The blue tomato

It was a Wednesday.
On Wednesdays, Nana always goes to the supermarket to do some shopping.
This Wednesday was a lovely, sunny day. Nana’s green car sparkled in the sunshine.
At the supermarket, lots of people were already getting their shopping. Their cars sparkled, too, but they were not as sparkly as Nana’s green car.

The donkey with sad eyes

It’s Charlie’s birthday today. He is 5 years old.
Charlie is on holiday. He’s staying with Auntie Annie at the seaside.
“What would you like to do this morning, Charlie?” Auntie Annie asked. “Your birthday party doesn’t start until 3 o’clock.”
“I want to ride on a donkey,” said Charlie.
“Do you?”
“But only if you ride a donkey, too,” said Charlie.

Sunday, 11 September 2016


“Hi, folks! I’m Dinky,” Dinky the donkey called to everyone who came past his big green field, but no one was interested and that made Dinky very sad.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Secret

When is your birthday, Simon?
My birthday is on the October 11, but I’ll let you into a secret. I have only had one birth day, the day I came into this world, and so have you, but we remember the special day when we came into the world by celebrating with a party or an outing and we sing a special song. Let’s sing it now. Somebody somewhere is sure to have his or her birthday today.

Ughtah the giant

Ughtah is a big guy. He has big feet, a big voice and a big heart.
When Ughtah enters a room he has to duck so that he doesn't bang his head on the top of the door frame.
When Ughtah sits down, he takes up two-thirds of his sofa. You can’t see what is behind Ughtah without running round him.

The bird on a string

One windy autumn day Charlie went for a walk with his Daddy.
Charlie loved walks with his Daddy because his Daddy told him interesting things. When Charlie asked a question, his Daddy gave him an answer. Charlie remembered everything his Daddy told him. At home he told his Mummy  what Daddy had explained. They played a game called “Guess what I saw today!”
In the autumn, the leaves on the trees turn red and gold and wind blows them off the branches. They float down until they reach the ground. Then they huddle together in a pile and walkers in the woods can listen to the rustling as their footsteps swish through the piles of fallen leaves.
When the wind is very strong it howls and the tall trees sway to and fro. It’s a good idea to hold on to your hat if your wearing one because if the wind takes it off your head you may not be able to run fast enough to catch it.